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Cardiovascular Benefits for the 12 Systems of the Body

(Treadmill, Elliptical Crosstrainer, Upright Bike, Recumbent Bike, Rowing Machine and Stepper)


1.      Circulatory:Strengthens the heart muscle and the arteries and the veins to optimize the delivery of nutrients, and the retrieval of waste products from all of the trillions of cells in the body.

                A good cardiovascular program can reduce the resting heart rate by 25 beats per minute.    
                      (1,500 beats per hour, 36,000 beats per day, and over 1 million beats per month can be saved.)


2.      Digestive: Stimulates the assimilation of nutrients from the GI (Gastro-Intestinal) tract into the blood stream, and also the uptake of glucose into the cells to regulate blood sugar levels.  

                A cardio product can be used in a strengthening mode (high intensity and a shorter duration,  

                      or a fat burning mode (low intensity and a longer duration).


3.      Endocrine (Glandular): By elevating the heart rate there is an increase in the quality and quantity of hormones produced by the glands, specifically the 3 master glands in the brain (the pituitary, pineal, and hypothalamus). This will result in increased alertness and clarity, improved mood, and a more positive mental and emotional outlook. Also stimulates the metabolism for optimum weight management.  


4.      Hepatic (Liver/Gallbladder): The liver is the largest organ in the body. The cardiovascular challenge stimulates the liver to become more efficient and effective as the master chemist, regulating the digestive process, and the blood filtering mechanism, and detoxifying itself of contaminants. 


5.      Immune: The Immune System is a partnership between several systems in the body, including but not limited to, the Circulatory, Endocrine and Lymphatic Systems. The body’s immunity to disease is enhanced when this trilogy of systems is optimized through cardiovascular exercise. 


6.      Lymphatic: Cardiovascular exercise quickly re-circulates lymph fluid to the upper body to be filtered and cleansed through the lymph glands (lymph nodes).   


7.      Muscular: Overall conditioning of over 400 skeletal muscles (muscles that move the joints) in the body. The strength of gland and organ smooth muscle tissue is directly related to the strength of the skeletal muscles especially in the core (torso), resulting in healthier, stronger gland and organ function.    


8.      Nervous: Simple repetitious movement puts the body in a state of rest and repair (Parasympathetic state). An excellent way to reduce stress and anxiety, and improve sleep patterns.


9.      Reproductive:The Reproductive System benefits in the same way as the rest of the Glandular System (see Endocrine System above).  


10.    Respiratory: The accelerated breathing rate will strengthen the Respiratory System, and increase the

        lung capacity, and detoxify the lungs.  


11.    Skeletal: The bones and joints are strengthened because of the challenge of movement and resistance.

        The uptake of calcium and other minerals is improved, because of the effect of G-Forces on the bone 

        cells. This is especially important from middle age on, in order to create an anti-aging effect.   


12.    Urinary: If the workout is intense enough to cause perspiration the burden is taken off the kidneys, by 

        using the skin as an effective channel of elimination to cleanse the body and make it more alkaline.



               A Cardiovascular product offers great benefits on a long-term basis, with only a small 
               investment. A $7,000 cardio product package (i.e. Treadmill and Elliptical Crosstrainer) over
                     a 20 year period is only .98 cents per day.
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